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AML using Dedupe

AML or Anti Money Laundering involves actitivities by the bank to thwart individuals and institutions from using the

IFTTT Recipes for Banks and NBFC’s

We have been fascinated by Marketing Technology or Martech and have been searching the web for tools

Loan Moratorium Relief - Boon or Bane for Borrowers

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has extended the loan moratorium for another three months till 31 August 2020.

Get rid of Bank Reconciliation issues once and for all

As an NBFC the biggest challenge is reconciliation of the installments received every month.

Demonstrate that you understand our business..

One of the first things that grabbed my attention when I first walked into the fintech industry was the question – ho

Are you a CIO / CTO?

The future of the organization will belong to a very different kind of a CIO

Sanction a loan under 5 minutes and disburse in 30 minutes using BPM and RPA

Automated programs have taken over the work of traders in the capital and money markets, Credit underwriters and seve

COVID-19, Kirana Stores, Bank and NBFC Loans, NPAs and Indian Economy

The total lockdown in the country due to Covid-19 is bringing some important facts to the fore.

Payment Moratorium In View of Covid-19 Pandemic

In view of COVID-19 pandemic, RBI has issued a notification on rescheduling of payments (permitted to grant a morator

How to stay committed to your lending programme during a crisis?

The dramatic meltdown of some of the leading financial institutions in the country in the last few years has been bec

Learn How to Market Financial Products Effectively

When it comes to selling a Financial Product it can be a lot more challenging than marketing a physic

AnyBank - COLE - The art and science of PDC management

Inspite the emergence of new age methods of repayment PDC'S continue to be a favorite mode among customers for repayi

AnyBank - COLE - Direct Credit to Customer Bank Accounts and other disbursal methods

Due to the large volume of transactions that have to be processed the Financial Services Industry is rapidly moving t

AnyBank - COLE - Computing Overdue Charges

If you levy an overdue finance charge on Monthly instalments that are not paid in time by the borrower then you can d

AnyBank-CRM-What is the best way to detrmine the Risk Profiles of Customers in a Lending Business?

In the lending business it is important to determine the kind of risk you should take in return for higher yields.


Sastra Technologies is a technology firm that serves new age Fintech companies, Small Finance Banks, payment Banks, Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies and Financial Institutions. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost effective so that our clients derive value using them. For the last 7 years we have done so by embracing cloud technologies and developing unique capabilities that allow us to offer a value proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.