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Evaluating AB Compliance?

This page provides you with the resources that you need in your evaluation

W e believe that allowing users to experience our products is the best way for them to explore the various features and capabilities and determine what the product has to offer. With this in mind we recommend the following process to make your evaluation exercise a breeze. 

  1. Download and fill in the Discovery Document. A link to the template is provided on the left.
  2. Request an evaluation bysending a message to the sales team
  3. Our sales team might contact you to determine the configuration required. (might involve several emails)
  4. The product team sets up the certificates for the users. These are certificates that allow users to use the application without a username and password. (Certificates are a lot more secure compared to the traditional username and password authentication.)
  5. The Sales team shares the certificates and the duration for which the product is available for evaluation over email.
  6. Use our Evaluators guide (link provided on the left) to evaluate the application
  7. You can seek help on functions and technology using our forums (Telephone support is currently not available during evaluation)
  8. Use our tutorials and blogs to learn more about the concepts and products
  9. Make a decision and reach out to sales.
Discovery Document

See if AB Compliance is the right product for you.

Use the guide for an indepth evaluation

Seek help from our Implementors and Developers


Read our blogs for the latest in FinTech

AB Suite is Powerful and responsive.

Get a tour of what the AB Suite has to offer. Fintech functionality driven by API's and lightweight User Interfaces across mobile, desktop and other devices.


Sastra Technologies is a technology firm that serves new age Fintech companies, Small Finance Banks, payment Banks, Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies and Financial Institutions. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost effective so that our clients derive value using them. For the last 7 years we have done so by embracing cloud technologies and developing unique capabilities that allow us to offer a value proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.