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Project Management Office for Startups

How do we set up a

Project Management Office for our Startup

Set up your repositories, CI/CD pipelines and a lot more before you start building


Some of the infrastructure you will need

An authoritative repository for your team to commit code

Content management Systems to store and disseminate content

Provisioning and deployment using Terraform and Ansible

Continuous Integration and Deployment using Jenkins and its plugins

Continuous Integration and Deployment
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Jenkins Continuous Integration and Deployment
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Product suggestions using Robotic Process

Read our thought provoking articles and papers

We publish (in print and online) most of the work we do for the benefit of other practioners. 

A comprehensive list of our articles – in publications like Open Source for You, The management Accountant and other journals

Improving Software Quality using Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Pipelines
Realtime Scaling of E-commerce Sites and preparing for the Slashdot effect
Getting your SCM right
Send Bulk Mail without being treated like a spammer
Be a proficient Web 2.0 Developer!
What makes Drupal Your Preferred choice?
How to Improve the Performance of Drupal Sites
How To Win Customers And Influence Sales In Co-operative Banks Using Digital Transformation
Blockchain Technology will it Disrupt or Discipline Accountants?
Automate the Provisioning Process for Cloud Inventory
Boost the Performance of CloudStack with Varnish
Setting Up Your Own Mail Server Can Be Fun!
Tuning the LAMP stack to Boost the Performance of Drupal

Download the presentation

Obtain the essential infrastructure before building

Get the infrastructure from seasoned practioners who use the technology everyday


Reduce costs

Save money by cutting flab in your teams


Results Driven

See before you buy

Seasoned Mentors

Our mentors have atleast two decades of experience and use the technologies on a daily basis

Teaching Material

All our material is available for download

Dicussion Forums

Dedicated channel on Discord for discussions.

Send Us A Message Now.

Take a look our working infrastructure. Send us a message and we'll show you a demonstration


Sastra Technologies is a technology firm that serves new age Fintech companies, Small Finance Banks, payment Banks, Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies and Financial Institutions. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost effective so that our clients derive value using them. For the last 7 years we have done so by embracing cloud technologies and developing unique capabilities that allow us to offer a value proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.