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School of Cloud Computing

Learn to Code in

Cloud Technologies

Build projects, Commit to GIT repository, build CI/CD pipelines and a lot more


Some of the technologies you will learn

Command Line Interface on Ubuntu 

  • Commands
  • Shell scripting
  • SSH key generation

Three of the most popular webservers 

  1. Apache Httpd server
  2. Nginx
  3. Lighttpd

Popular Cloud databases

  1. MySQL
  2. MariaDB
  3. Postgress

API development using Symfony API Platform and PHP

Develop User Interfaces using wireframing and Angular framework

Version control using GIT amongst teams

Drupal site building and module development

Provisioning and deployment using Terraform and Ansible

Continuous Integration and Deployment using Jenkins and its plugins

Continuous Integration and Deployment
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Jenkins Continuous Integration and Deployment
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Product suggestions using Robotic Process

Happy Students

Feedback from students who have attended our workshops and mentoring sessions. Feedback is available on Google Business

I recently atteded the organization bootcamp programme. It was really a very amazing and enriching experience.  Got a great exposure to entire gamut of web technologies in all the layers of LEMP stack in cloud environment. The curriculum is very well structured gradually evolving from basics of web development in Linux machine to developing using frameworks such as symfony, drupal till developing/hosting web applicatons in cloud. I am glad I got good introduction to Dev ops, web security and performance which I had always wanted to learn.

The mentor is highly knowledgeable. All his sessions were very lively, interesting and practical. Also I am extremely thankful to him for his prompt and patient responses to all my queries which helped me a lot during the practice sessions. It is  also very inspiring to see him keeping abreast with so much of latest technical happenings and  his selfless sharing of his  such knowledge by contributing to  various technical forums

I sincerely thank Sastra Technologies for this excellent learning opportunity.

A very good experience. I got an exposure to a wide variety of technologies out there from Ubuntu to Nginx to Drupal to Symphony to MySQL as well as the staple HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

The way of gradually building a website from plain HTML to enhancing it and hosting using frameworks was very rewarding.

Learning AngularJS, was a bonus.

Also had a glimpse of Dev Ops and Web security.

Really useful bootcamp for a person to help decide in which direction they plan to proceed in their career.


This was a wonderful experience. I was independent in installing drupal, php and so on. The mentor made the session interesting. He also made sure that everyone completed each task which build our confidence.

I am sure that the learnings from this programme will help my career in a long way. Apart from technical skills, we also had good sessions on soft skills such as professional etiquette.

I am very grateful to Sastra Technologies foe this wonderful opportunity.


It was a wonderful learning experience. Being a student from accounts background, this internship helped me to learn a lot about ubuntu, mariadb, nginx, drupal and lots more.  The trainer guided and motivated me through out this internship and helped me in all the obstacles i faced. I really enjoyed learning in this internship and developed many new skills.

Reasons for choosing us

What will you learn

API Development

Using Symfony and API Platform

UI Development

Using Angular framework


Site building and configuring


Module development


Data modelling, Databases and Object relationship mapper


Command Line and Shell scripting

Source Code Management

Working with local and remote repositories in Git


Deploying scripts like PHP, Python and Perl on Apache & Nginx 

CI and CD

Continuous Integration and Deployment using jenkins and plugins


Provisioning servers on the cloud using Terraform

Linux Image

building your own custom Linux image


Configuration management using Ansible

Project Management

Planning and Scheduling Projects

Requirements Management

Requirements management using bugzilla

Read our thought provoking articles and papers

We publish (in print and online) most of the work we do for the benefit of other practioners. 

A comprehensive list of our articles – in publications like Open Source for You, The management Accountant and other journals

Improving Software Quality using Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Pipelines
Realtime Scaling of E-commerce Sites and preparing for the Slashdot effect
Getting your SCM right
Send Bulk Mail without being treated like a spammer
Be a proficient Web 2.0 Developer!
What makes Drupal Your Preferred choice?
How to Improve the Performance of Drupal Sites
How To Win Customers And Influence Sales In Co-operative Banks Using Digital Transformation
Blockchain Technology will it Disrupt or Discipline Accountants?
Automate the Provisioning Process for Cloud Inventory
Boost the Performance of CloudStack with Varnish
Setting Up Your Own Mail Server Can Be Fun!
Tuning the LAMP stack to Boost the Performance of Drupal

Want to train a team?

Start up or Enterprise, No problem. Want to train a team to transition to the Cloud? 

Want to train yourself?

Accelerate your career by learning topic by topic at your pace


Choose Your Technology Mentoring Plan

Plans are based on number of hours. Remember all Mentors are programmers with atleast 2 decades of programming experience and have ongoing assignments. (A plan includes one line item within it)

INR 2700  / Per Hour

Data Modelling 

MySQL or Maria DB Beginner

Drupal Site Builder

Linux Beginner

INR 4500  / Per Hour

Drupal Module Development

Git Usage

MySQL Advanced


Career Booster
INR 9720  / Course (4 hrs)

API Development using Symfony and PHP

UI Development

Requirements Management

Estimating your Project

Planning and Scheduling your Project

Project Management a Practical Approach

Tracking your Project


Demystifying Payment Systems

INR 27000  / Course (4 hrs)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Devops - Provisioning 

Devops - Configuration Management

Linux Image builds

Cloud Computing - Architecture and Security

Obtain the essential skills for an awesome career

Learn from seasoned practioners who use the technology everyday


Practice makes perfect

Practice your skills on real life GIT repositories, Cloud servers (VPS)...


Apprenticeship Based

Learn by working on everday problems

Seasoned Mentors

Our mentors have atleast two decades of experience and use the technologies on a daily basis

Teaching Material

All our Teaching/Learning material is available for download.

Dicussion Forums

Dedicated channel on Telegram for discussions.

Send Us A Message Now.

Individuals can use the form to check availability of slots. Organisations that wish to train teams can send us a message for a quote. Please note that we do not accept batches of more than ten people as the training includes a lot of practice during the sessions.


Sastra Technologies is a technology firm that serves new age Fintech companies, Small Finance Banks, payment Banks, Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies and Financial Institutions. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost effective so that our clients derive value using them. For the last 7 years we have done so by embracing cloud technologies and developing unique capabilities that allow us to offer a value proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.