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Careers .

We prefer to recruit people who have a passion for what they do. For engineering streams we look for people with a passion for technology and who invest a considerable amount of time in pursuing technology like tinkering with hardware or writing programs etc. For Design we look for people with a panache for aesthetics and elegance and so on. We prefer a good fit.

For implementation services we look for people with a passion for Finance.

Project Engineering Teams

Teams engaged in developing software applications and products. To join this team you will need to possess certain basic minimum criteria to be considered.  

Operating System
  • Command Line Interface
  • SSH
  • apt package management
  • Ubuntu or Centos


  • Enabling and Disabling sites
  • Setting up config files
  • Setting HTTP headers
  • Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd
  • Creating Databases
  • Creating Column Constraints, Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
  • MariaDB or MySQL


Distributed Version Control
  • Clone a repository
  • Push and Pull code
  • Working with branches
  • Git


  • How does the internet work?
  • Protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP
  • How does DNS work?
  • Various Internet Ports 


  • API Security
  • Twelve Factor Apps
  • REST, JSON, JSON-LD, Hydra


We are looking for talent in the following technologies

Candidates should poessess demonstrated projected experience in enterprise applications writing program units and test cases in the following technologies

Full Time
  • Sastra Technologies Private Limited
  • Madurai
Symfony PHP Development
Full Time
  • Sastra Technologies Private Limited
  • Madurai

Send Us A Message Now.

If you meet the requirements then send us a message. Include your phone number in the message and we will call you.


We are a technology firm that serves Banks, Financial Institutions and new age Fintech Companies. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost-effective so that our clients derive value by using them. For the last 11 years we have done so by embracing Cloud Technologies and developing unique capabilities like DevOps, Performance Tuning, Service Oriented Architectures that allow us to offer a Value Proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.