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AB - ABS : Analyse Bank Statements User Guide

AB - ABS is a Twelve Factor Application built using the AB Platform. AB-ABS can process bank statements if they are in CSV, PSV, XL, XLSX or PDF formats. It can auto detect the format by reading the file headers rather than the extensions. If the file has an incorrect extension i.e. if a XL Spreadsheet has an extension of CSV the application hs the capability to auto detect it and load the appropriate readers for processing.

Once the bank statements are processed AB-ABS can publish it as an API over HTTP or HTTPS.

Banks Supported

The following Bank statements are currently supported. Support for other banks are being added

1. City Union Bank    N    N    N    Y    N
2.  Equitas Small Finance Bank    N    N    N    N    Y
3. HDFC Bank    N    N    N    Y    N
4. ICICI Bank    N    N    N    Y    N
5. Indian Bank    Y    N    N    N    N
6. Indian Overseas Bank    N    N    N    Y    N
7. Karur Vysya Bank    Y    N    N    N    N
8. Kotak Bank    Y    N    N    N    N
9. State Bank of India    N       N    N    Y    N

Support for PNB, Canara Bank, BoB, UCO, Bank of Maharashtra, Punjab and Sindh Bank, Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Union Bank of India statements is being added.

API Standards Support

AB-ABS API's are feature rich JSON and Hydra compliant. Hypermedia (JSON-LD and HAL) support is built in but not enabled by default 


AB-ABS currently supports JWT (JSON Web tokens), OAuth2 and X805 certificates based authentications.


The recommended method is to install it on a Cloud Server. AB-ABS can be run as a job in the background/ AB-ABS comes with shell scripts that can be executed as CRON jobs on Unix environments which means that Statement processing can be performed unattended during "after hours" when server resources are free. Suppliying Bank Statements for processing can be done using a Secure Shell (SSH) or by File Transfer using FTP.  AB-ABS auto detects incoing Bank Statements processes them and sends a Web notification to other applications.


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