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Project Management Tools for Digital Transformation

Till about the year 2000 Project Management was an involved and elaborate exercise.

Skinning the AB Open Banking Platform

The AB Open Banking Platform accelerates the development and deployment of applications and hence accelrates the adop

Demystifying Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

People have been used to seeing Robots as physical objects with swinging arms welding the body to a vehicle chassis,

The AB Open Banking API Platform for Digital Transformation

In 2010 we just started out, our first product Uniview had tremendous tracti

Speed Up your Audits

An enterprise audit exercise can be time consuming and expensive if done in the traditional way.

Tips for API Security : 1 Of 12 Use HTTPS

The number of security breaches on the Cloud grows exponentially each year.

Audit Compliance in today's Enterprises (MSME)

It is the time of the year when Income taxes have to be paid and returns filed for the previous assessment year.

Direct Credit to Customer Bank account and other disbursal methods

A lending program should offer a clear and efficient way to disburse the loan amount to the client.

An easy way to Compute Processing and Other Charges in your lending program

As part of a lending program, there are several charges that will be required to be computed.

Understanding the Differences Between Mortgage, Hypothecation, Pledge, Assignment and Lien

When it comes to borrowing money to finance a large purchase, such as a home, or an automobile like a car, there are

A fascinating behind the scenes look at retail underwriting at scale

Digital Transformation is not just deploying the latest technologies in the enterprise but harnessing technology to s

The ultimate list of Testing Tools for Microservices

Microservices is a software architectural style that structures the application as a collection of se

The surprising benefits of CI: How this Software Development Practice can drive Digital Transformation

Continuous integration is a software development practice in which developers regularly merge their code changes into

How Authoritative repositories make you deliver projects faster

In your daily routine, as a CTO, have you experienced users complaining that bugs which were fixed in the previous re

Sastra's guide to setting up a PMO for Digital Transformation Projects

Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) is one of the essential activities before we embark on a Digital Transfo

Nine Steps to accelerate Digital Transformation

Without a roadmap the Digital Transformation journey gets difficult, takes a longer time and ends up being over budge

Dedupe as a tool to check ML

AML or Anti Money Laundering involves actitivities by the bank to thwart individuals and institutions from using the


We are a technology firm that serves Banks, Financial Institutions and new age Fintech Companies. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost-effective so that our clients derive value by using them. For the last 11 years we have done so by embracing Cloud Technologies and developing unique capabilities like DevOps, Performance Tuning, Service Oriented Architectures that allow us to offer a Value Proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.