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AB Compliance

AB Suite

AB Compliance

01.Statutory Audit Tool

AB-Compliance eases that audit process by providing tools and templates. Auditors can use the ab-compliance to generate several versions of the financial reports and gain their client's consent before they finanlise the Annual Report

  • Paramterised Audit Setup
  • Upload Trial Balance
  • Journal Voucher entry
  • Generate Financial Statements in PDF, XL or DOC
  • Parameterised Client Setup
  • Notifications for important audit milestones
02. Reports Server

AB-Compliance is also used as a server for Report Templates. Applications can access the templates using the Open API to fetch the template and associated styling. 

  • Compliance reporting in Pharma industry
  • Dunning Letter generation in Banking and Financial Services
  • Compliance reporting in Farmer producing Organisations
03. Financial Analysis Tool

Banks and Financial Institutions can use AB-Compliance for analysiing a coporate borrower's financial health. The corporates access a URL and upload their Trial Balances. On the other side the bank can view the financial statements in a way that is conducive to take a credit decision.

AB Compliance


Out of the box templates
Previous Years Comparison
Output Formats
Cloud Vendors Supported

Available in Enterprise or on the Cloud

Choose a deployment that suits you. Available as an enterprise license or on the cloud. We support Amazon Web Services, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Compute Platform and several others

Built on an Open Technology Stack – An Open Technology Stack allows us to be vendor agnostic. We support a variety of Clouds, Linux/Uniux based operating systems and webservers.

Open Technology Stack
Completely Skinnable
JSON-LD & Hydra Support
Dovetails into other apps
Available on Docker

Anybank - Digitising Decision Making

A comprehensive Open Banking API Platform for Banks and Financial Institutions. 


We are a technology firm that serves Banks, Financial Institutions and new age Fintech Companies. Our philosophy is to develop products that are cost-effective so that our clients derive value by using them. For the last 11 years we have done so by embracing Cloud Technologies and developing unique capabilities like DevOps, Performance Tuning, Service Oriented Architectures that allow us to offer a Value Proposition that is unmatched in the industry today.