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AnyBank CRM Mailchimp

Anybank suite integration to mailchimp send marketing emails and behavioral targeting

We have been fascinated by Martech. In the search for tools that help Banks and NBFC’s increase their online marketing cadence, we stumbled upon several campaign managers. In this post we will explain how the AnyBank CRM can be integrated with Mailchimp one of the most popular campaign Managers to send Marketing Emails and Transactional Emails

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a marketing platform that offers tools to manage your audience, build and manage campaigns and allows Banks and NBFCs to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and build their brand.

What can you do with Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is virtually a “swiss army knife” for Digital Marketing Managers. It offers a toolset that helps in

  1. Managing your audience using segments
  2. Creating campaigns
  3. Designing content and newsletters
  4. Integrate social media accounts like Facebook and twitter

Leads in AnyBank

Leads in AnyBank are stored by constitution meaning that Leads are segregated based on whether they are individuals or corporates. Individuals are further segregated by the their professional practice. Corporates are classified on the basis of their constitution on whether they are LLP’s or Private Limited Companies etc.

Digital Marketers engaged in marketing financial products can transfer leads onto Mailchimp and trigger marketing emails.

Segmentation of your Leads

The success of a Digital Marketing campaign depends on sending the right campaigns to right people. Identifying the right people depends on accurately segmenting the lead list. In AB CAPS the CRM component of the AB suite, leads are segmented by the constitution and can be imported into Mailchimp directly without any further processing. We recommend that the leads be imported to two different lists one for Individuals and another for Corporates. Within these two lists, leads can be segmented based on the constitution. This method of segregating leads allows Digital marketers to target their email campaigns to the right people meaning that an email for loan mela for Cars reaches individuals rather than corporates.

Email Automation

Selling financial services is difficult and being relevant is the key to engage your audience. An effective email campaign is just not about sending emails based on your lead’s demographics or interests but also knowing how they interact with your business. Today almost everyone spends sometime online interacting with social media or websites. Behavioral Targeting uses these interactions to determine the kind of services your leads are interested in. Digital marketers can use this data to to create further segmentation.

Lets assume that a young urban professional searched for a car loan, landed on your institutions site, looked at the product pages and then dropped off. As a digital marketer you can re-introduce your car loan offerings to such people with special offers so that they choose your loan product rather than that of another bank or financial institution. With behavioral targeting Digital Marketers can now focus their efforts on delivering the messages to the people looking for services rather than spreading their efforts on a large section of the population. Behavioral targeting can be gleaned from several sources

  • Campaign engagement
  • Website engagement
  • Purchase behavior
  • App engagement


Mailchimp offers RESTful API’s that can be used to synchronize your leads on AB CAPS with those on Mailchimp. Using the AB CAPS integrations Digital Marketers can bulk import the leads into the Mailchimp database. (Ensure that customers have opted to be included in the mailing list or have subscribed before including them into any marketing lists). The Mailchimp API has both synchronous and batch endpoints which means that jobs that require a few seconds to execute can be triggered using synchronous API calls while those requiring longer execution times can be run using the batch endpoints. Since a typical financial institution is likely to have several million leads it is our recommendation to use the batch API’s for all tasks except for those ad-hoc tasks that are likely to complete in under 10 or 15 seconds.


There are several campaign managers available however we are impressed with the simplicity of Mailchimp’s design and the fact that they have been continuously adding features like integrating social media accounts, generating landing pages and several other “no-code” features that are easily implemented by Digital Marketers on the fly.



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