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Cross Selling early in the sales funnel

Cross Selling early in the sales funnel - The suggestion robot

The World Economic Forum in their eport on "The New Physics of Financial Services" has assessed the impact that digital transformation is having on the financial services ecosystem. The report focuses on how technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain with complementing technologies like Cloud are altering the attributes necessary to build a successful business in financial services.

According to the report these technologies will have the gretest impact on the following activities:

  • Cross-selling and retention
  • Back office transformation

Cross-selling is the fastest and most profitable path to revenue growth. Cross-selling early in the sales funnel can go a long way in customer retention. Assuming a fresh engineering graduate has just landed a job in one of the big tech firms and is looking to buy an Enfield Bullet to satiate her apetite for cruising along would you as a person selling financial services 

  1. Provide her the necessary loan for her to buy the bike or
  2. Encourage her to live a life of her dreams by providing her the money to buy the bike, provide her a credit card and tell her that she has an pre-approved credit line and also sell her the insurance for the bike ?

If your answer is #2 then that is what cross selling is all about. Sell ahead and sell early in the sales funnel.To achieve a scale of cross-sell CRM applications should identify the financial products that can be sold to a prospect by profiling them.

The AB Suite is suitably equipped for the task. The suggestion engine robot is capable of evaluating incoming leads with its built-in rule engine and matches the profile with the products in its repository. It then suggests those that are suitable. All of these at a speed and scale that is unimaginable. Well see it for yourself in the video here.


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