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Learn How to Market Financial Products Effectively

Learn How to Market Financial Products Effectively

When it comes to selling a Financial Product it can be a lot more challenging than marketing a physical product, in most cases you are requesting the prospective customer to enter into a financial commitment for a few years. It gets worse incase you are selling a loan product, you are asking them to be financially indebted to you for a few years.

When selling a Financial product creating a good experience for the prospective customer can go a long way in encouraging “buy-in”. The overall exprience that the prospect goes through has an impact on the percieved value of the financial product and can also calm nerves and remove anxiety.

Here are a few tips to lead your prospective customer through the buying decision and to facilitate a sale.

Know your prospects aspirations
Knowing the current aspirations of your prospect is a key to making a successful sale. However, people do not easily disclose their aspirations. With some small talk, you would generally get an idea of the persons interests. Address these aspirations and show them a way to achieve it.

A sales person I know was tasked with selling eductaion loans to parents whose children where in Primary and High School. He used to tell the parents the accolades that their children would get if they studied and became Doctors and how the company he represents can help them achieve this. He went on to make a successful sale and continues to track the children’s progress.

Sell the lifestyle not the product
Sometimes it helps to appeal to the perceived lifestyle that the Prospect can lead. Most people dream of having a certain standard of lifestyle. A music lover might want to possess audiophile quality equipment, an automobile enthusiast might want to own the latest four-wheel drive from BMW or a culture vulture might want to travel to Vienna to visit the Belvedere. Appealing to these lifestyle needs and how you can help them achieve it can help you close the sale.

By developing skills to identify aspirations and lifestyle needs of your prospects can help you successfully sell your portfolio of financial products.

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Creating a Positive Experience With Technology
To aid you in your quest to be an effective salesman you would need tools that allow you to effectively track manage your prospects. An ideal tool should allow you to do the following.

  • Manage your leads – You should be able to upload lead lists, your Rolodex, linkedin lists etc
  • Allow you to distinguish between the various types of people and their professions – Salaried, Self Employed etc.
  • Allow you to fill the prospects information using your pad or tablet. Ideally, it should also Geotag the data with the location of the place from where you keyed in the details.
  • Allow you to photograph the documents on your pad’s camera and upload it.
  • Allo you to upload the documents using the same web application.
  • Allow you to track the status of your lead after you have handed it over to your operations team for further data entry.


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